Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cebit Hannover 2009: the overview.

Before telling what I saw and how it was, let me give you some tips, if your planning to go yourself. Wear a tie, learn german and make some business cards. I do speak some German (enough to ask questions and understand the answers), I do have real business cards, but I didn't wear a tie (not our company policy) and that my friends, kept people from sharing there precious information.

So what did I expect and what did I see. Hoping to see OLED, colour e-ink and lot's of e-readers seemed to be an illusions. Found one e-reader though. Furthermore, I wanted to find out more about Document management solutions, Anti Virus Solutions and Infrastructure. Nothing new. Lot's of scanning, but no new management solutions. Same story on Anti Virus, but I did find the infromation I wanted on Infrastructure and Wireless Technologies.

But there were others things that made the trip worth going. True 3D screens, without the need of glasses., Tobii Eye Tracking system, that makes you controll a system with your eyes, and people it really workes. ART+COM shows a real surface touch table, not some little childeren surface table. We also found the Open Source Section, the Asus and Msi stand.

If you ask me, you should visit hall 6,9,19,20,21 and 25, but for the resellers part in hall 25, you'll need to disguise into a reseller, or you're not getting in. I've seen things I didn't expect and expected things I haven't seen, but I'm happy I went, though I can't feel my legs any more. Man, Hannover Messe I one big site. I forgot all about that, since I last went to EXPO2000.

I just want to thank some companies for there very helpfull and good information: ART+COM, Asus, BenQ, CBL, Foxit, OpenOffice, SAXNET, Tobii for answering all of my questions without searching for my tie. On Asus, I'll do some more later on.


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