Tuesday, October 13, 2009

re-review Parrot PMK5800

More then a year ago, I bought the Parrot PMK5800. This device is a portable Bluetooth hands-free kit, FM Stereo Transmitter. The reason I bought this device, was that I wanted to be able to listen to the music on my phone, a SE W880i, with my car's stereo.

But I actually never used it. The reason? very poor sound quality. Way too much bass and the sound was completely distorted. So the device ended up in a box. I tried a lot of things: Adjusting the equalizer, changing phones (SE Z750i), tried an other car.

Some time ago, I received a new phone, a SE Z770i, but I forgot all about the Parrot PMK5800. It's only recently, I rediscovered the kit. Watching Ergo Proxy, I fell in love with the title song "kiri", made by Monoral. I wanted to listen to this song in my car, so I thought, why not give that Parrot an other try.

This time, I was able to change the phone's equalizer and the sound was exactly what it needed to be. It worked. So conclusion: If you buy an FM transmitter and the sound quality is very poor, it might very well be your phone not using the Bluetooth Stereo A2DP profile in the correct way.