Thursday, March 12, 2009

CeBIT 2009: ASUS, secrets not on the Flyers

As you all know, Asus had a very big stand on CeBIT 2009. Lot's of new stuff, we already knew about, but now had the change to touch. And I really mean touch. Lot's of EeePC T91 and Eee PC T101H to try out. Very nice of ASUS.

And yes, a "new" concept: no keyboards, only 2 screens. Behold, the dual-screen-notebook.

Also the Eee keyboard, the Eeetop and the Eee box B202, B204 and B206 were there to touched, alltough the Eee keyboard was keept behind big locks. Only on demand it came out of its cave and no touchy touchy.

I could post some more video's an pictures, but make google your friend and you'll find plenty of those on the net. What I'm about to tell you, is probably not that easy to find on other places.

The first day on CeBIT, I just tried to see as mutch as possible. The second day, I started to ask questions. So on the Asus stand, I went to an Asian looking guy and started asking questions. At first that person didn't feel much in anwsering my questions. But he came along, and this is what I found out.

NO MORE LINUX on the new devices. I asked this question because I wanted to buy a Eeebox B206 (this should do HD), but no go for Linux. The Asus person even told me I wouldn't be able to put Linux on it. Why? problems with the drivers for some components. He even told me (of the record), it is not only the graphics chipset that distinguishes the B202 from its two other brothers (B204 and B206). And the drivers were the main problem to get Linux on those devices. His advices: Buy a B202 model. Is this true? Time will tell.

Now about the Eeekeyboard, no linux on it for sure, but this thing is only a prototype. I might come out, it probably will come out, but they are still developing the gadget. And for now, it won't do anything (yet?)

And what about the dual-screen-notebook? Should I still remind you: No Linux. Well The dual-screen is not more than actually 2 screens put together. There is no computer in it. It's only a showcase. Not for real. They even don't know if it will ever come out.

So what should you remember of this: No more Linux for ASUS. Damn, one of the reasons I loved ASUS is gone now. But there are enough brave souls out there, that will find there way to put linux on all Asus devices.



Anonymous said...

It's a pity. I just saw an Asus Eee pc 900 (I guess) with Xandros Linux preinstalled for only €149 at Saturn.

I would love to buy one of those. Too bad they didn't continue their effort to install linux on some of their devices. The Asus website even tells they recommend Windows. Quite a disappointment.

JO3RI said...

Yepm it ism but hem there are still other brands selling netbooks with linux.

Oh and if you buy one, make sure it has an atom cpu. EeePc 900 does not have that but the 901 does.